What People Are Saying

I worked with Briony to assist me in my final year of university. Before I started my coaching program, I was stressed, unhappy and dreading the year ahead.

Briony’s coaching and activities provided a different approach in my thought process, providing clarity on my overall goal.

I enjoyed uni, submitted all of my assessments on time, with less stress and a HD average.

Thank you so much. Briony, I cannot wait to work with you again.


In such a short amount of time you have changed my whole mindset, I am much more confident and positive about my future. I can not tell you Briony how much you have helped me and changed my life for the better. I never believed I would get to this place and you have made it possible, I can’t ever thank you enough, I am forever grateful.


Briony has been the number one influence in my life, She has taught me to see things differently and put what is important into perspective. She always provides a balanced and unbiased view and I never feel judged. Her patience and her commitment to getting the best results for her clients is second to none.


I have been seeing Briony as my life coach for nearly a year now, she is nothing short of amazing. I have overcome a number of issues with her assistance including IVF, family members health issues, friends mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as improving my motivation and drive in all aspects of life including work. Briony has taught me skills which I can apply for the rest of my life, it’s changed the way I process and deal with issues, I highly recommend her


I have never had a life coach before Briony, but when I realized over the last couple of years I had become stagnant both in career and personal life, I needed to change something. I had an idea of how I would like to change things but feeling generally unhappy, unmotivated, and overwhelmed it seemed like a pipe dream.

From our first conversation any concerns or fears about the process melted away. Through our conversations, with her knowledge, insight and humor, not to mention the tools she has given me, I now feel positive and confident and am able to meet obstacles and challenges head-on.

Briony challenges my self-limiting beliefs, negative assumptions, and fear of failing, she guides me gently, giving me clarity and confidence to go after the life I now truly believe I can achieve, and what’s more, I am enjoying the journey.


I have worked with many coaches in the past but Briony’s approach and strategies work just brilliantly to get to the bottom of the real issues and resolving them quick smart! Briony is extremely relatable, professional and non judgemental, yet feels like my best friend every time we chat! Briony is very focussed on changing any thought patterns I create which are consuming me and making me feel yuck to live my most fulfilled happy life! Thanks so much Briony and I can’t wait to continue working with you beautiful.